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「嗚鴉自然教室」是個「拆箱」的過程。我們希望把大自然帶近一點。箱子裡面未必所有東西都討喜,牠們可能生長較慢、體型較小、外表低調,卻實實在在讓我們看到生命有多奇妙。如果大家看的時候會感到「嗚啊!」「原來是這樣/ 之前不知道/ 好神奇/ 典解嘅」,我們就不枉此行了。

At around one thousand four hundred kilometre square, Hong Kong is an interesting city where thousands of flora and fauna share this land of riches with humans. Even

within the city you may marvel at the abundance of life

on a single tree. We may rarely interact with these neighbours of nature, but they are an important aspect

of our city. "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around

to hear it, does it make a sound?" Without a subjective experience, we often overpass things we cannot see, therefore ignoring the fact that they even exist. Yet we humans have the ability to destroy and protect such life.

How much does a piece of land “worth”? We seem to know pathetically little except for the annotations on a map, and before we know it, it may already be covered

by thick concrete. We have lost so much before we even

know what is being sacrificed. But if we won’t throw away an unopened box when we’re tidying a room, why will we want to trash these lands without first seeing what they hold? Not if we (and thousands of creatures) call this our home.

“Project CROW” is an attempt to unbox the amazing goods as a process to bring people closer to nature. Not everything in the box may be exciting or lovable: they may move around slowly, they may be tiny, or may even be extremely discreet, but they are all incredible life forms that we see as natural wonders. If you feel “Wow” or “I didn’t know that” or “How incredible” during the process, we will feel very honoured to go on this journey with you.



Let's Get Closer

生活於香港的我們有沒有經常留意大自然的氣色? 身旁的一草一物?「嗚鴉自然教室」希望將人和大自然的距離拉近,把我們忽視的事物放大,哪怕是河裏的魚,樹上的毛蟲,甚至欄杆上的蜘蛛!原來只要我們願意走近一點,再認識多一點,這個世界可以很不一樣。就讓我們一起認識和我們一同住在這城市中的生物吧!

Do you know what natural wonders Hong Kong hold? Have you ever noticed the plants and animals around you? Project CROW hope to get everyone closer to nature, by magnifying on things we often overlook, whether they are fishes in the stream, caterpillars on a tree, or even spiders on a railing! The world can look so different if only we are willing to get closer and understand a little more. Let’s get to know these wild neighbours a little better!

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