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夜行探索 Night Walks


Nature never rests even when night falls, as most animals in Hong Kong are nocturnal, this is to avoid predation from predators during the day. Because of that, Night Walks provide us with a chance to come into contact with these animals, including many mammals that we don’t often see, such as East Asian Porcupine, Masked Palm Civets, Red Muntjac or even Leopard Cats. Other than mammals, many amphibians and reptiles are more active at night, including the Romer’s Tree Frog which is endemic to Hong Kong. Butterflies which helps with pollination of plants during the day are replaced by moths, while fireflies and spiders are also far easier to find at night. Spring to autumn is the best time for Night Walks as most animlas breed during this time. We will introduce various wildlife and their life history encountered during the walk, unveiling the true nature of these mysterious creatures. 


Night Walks will usually take place in (but not limited to) the following locations : 


Our Night Walks will usually take place in (but not limited to) the following locations : 

龍虎山 Lung Fu Shan 


This is the smallest country park in Hong Kong, but there are many interesting animals to be found incluinding Masked Palm Civets and East Asian Porucpines. The stream also holds many amphibians including the Green Cascade Frog, Lesser Spiny Frog, Hong Kong Cascade Frog and Short-legged Toad. 

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